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In 2013, Cedar Park, Texas was named the 4th fastest growing city in the nation by the U.S. Census Bureau, and it’s easy to see why so many people are eager to call Cedar Park home. Located just 17 minutes from downtown Austin, Texas, the city has grown by more than 400% in the last decade. Today Cedar Park is the third largest city in the Austin area with a population exceeding 54,000 within its city limits. The City of Cedar Park attracts residents and visitors from all over the globe because of its unique charm, close proximity to Austin and the Texas Hill Country, and the beauty surrounding the Lower Colorado River Lake System.

The City of Cedar Park Arts Advisory Board would like to invite you to become an exciting part of Cedar Park by submitting your work for a year-long period of display in the Cedar Park Community Sculpture Garden. Last year was the inaugural year of the Sculpture Garden and the announcement of the first set of sculptures was met with much enthusiasm. In fact, one of the sculptures on display sold during the kick-off event in which the sculptures were debuted to the community. Visitors and Cedar Park residents alike have been enjoying this new addition to the City’s parks system and the Arts Advisory Board plans to continue the momentum gained in the first year of the garden’s existence. At this time the board would like to invite artists to once again submit their works for possible inclusion in the garden.

The sculpture garden is situated on land directly adjacent to the very popular Cedar Park Recreation Center. Each year, thousands of visitors frequent the Cedar Park Rec Center making this location a highly visible one within the Cedar Park community. The sculpture garden features a scenic pond surrounded by a crushed granite walking trail. Sculptures that are selected for display will be placed on cement pads situated along the walking trail. The selected sculptures will be on loan and available for public purchase for a period of one year.

The City plans to unveil the new loaned art pieces at the annual public kick-off party in mid-October. The kick-off party will be an opportunity to debut the newly selected pieces to the community and local media and will offer the public the opportunity learn about each loaned art piece and meet its creator. In addition to the kick-off party to celebrate the launch of the sculpture garden, the city will host a variety of other events in and around the garden throughout the year to encourage continual foot traffic in the garden and ongoing exposure for the featured artist’s works.

The sculpture garden is a great opportunity for artists to help beautify the community while simultaneously promoting their work. The garden will feature plaques placed next to each selected piece, providing information about the piece and its creator. Advertisements will be placed in local papers, and on the City’s TV channel promoting the kick- off event and brochures with pictures and information about the selected pieces will be produced and distributed throughout the area. The garden will also be promoted on the City’s website and social media pages.

Criteria for Exhibit

The Cedar Park Arts Advisory Board will accept entries of large scale, free standing and interactive sculptures and welcomes all artists- professional, amateur and student. Each artist may submit up to 3 pieces for consideration. All works must be of original design and execution and must be available for installation during the designated installation period (Oct. 5-11, 2014). At the end of the loan period, the city will consider seeking public input regarding the selection of a piece to purchase for inclusion as part of the City’s permanent collection. The pieces selected for display will be chosen by board members based on the originality of the piece, its aesthetic properties, its suitability for an outdoor public exhibit, and since the City hopes to purchase a sculpture, the sales price of each piece will also be considered during the selection process. If the item is listed as being for sale, the artist must agree to sell it to the City for the sales price they have indicated on the entry form.

Should the artist wish to sell their piece, artist contact information will be provided to interested parties, however all transactions must be handled by the artist themselves. In the event that the art piece is purchased during the 1 year loan period, the piece must remain on display until the end of the loan period.

Upon the completed installation of the sculpture, a $300 stipend will be paid for each selected piece to defer the delivery, set up, and removal costs. Installation and removal of the piece is the artist’s responsibility, however the City will provide assistance and some equipment for heavy work in the garden. Each piece must have steel tabs or plates attached to the bottom of the sculpture so that it can be securely bolted to the concrete platform. Insurance will be provided for the selected pieces during the loan period. Each piece will be insured at the value listed on the entry form. In the unlikely event that any damage occurs to the piece during installation, removal, or at any point during the loaned period, the artist is required to repair or remove the piece within 15 days.

In order to be considered, please submit the attached entry form and digital photos of each piece (or digital photos of a scale model), by no later than May 31, 2014.

Come visit the sculpture garden in person at 1435 Main Street Cedar Park, TX 78613
Or for more information and to see a video about the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden, visit
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