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Fellow artists, we're delighted to share even more calls for artists. For details click the link below or read on...
Submissions Due by May 1, 2014
What is it that drives us and all the moving pieces in the world around us? How does motion grab our attention, or influence our perception? In what ways can movement be created, perpetuated, bottled, captured, and displayed?
More here...
Aquarium Show
Submissions due by May 1, 2014
Create an underwater world inside of an aquarium.
So long as there’s water involved and it can fit in an aquarium, all submissions will be considered. Aquarium tanks will be provided. Read more...
Raw Paw: Keeping Dreamtime
Submissions due by May 1, 2014
Another world exists while we're asleep, and this world looks different for everyone who ventures there. But perhaps we can act as our own tour guides in the realm of these personal other-worlds. Or perhaps we can make a map for others to follow us there. Together, we'll create a colony of dreams existing for one weekend only at The Museum of Human Achievement, to accompany the release of Raw Paw Issue 5: Dreamz, and to invite others into our personal dreamworlds, if only briefly. More about Dreamz...

Plasma Pool
Open Call/Rolling Submissions
Plasma Pool is a monthly event showcasing new unseen and unheard works from artists of various media and disciplines, emphasizing experimentation, exploration, and wild invention. Artists are encouraged to venture into concepts, ideas, and media outside their habitual practice. More about Plasma Pool...
Submissions due by May 1, 2014
Altar 1-4 is a project pairing one visual/installation artist and one sound based artist for a large-scale immersive environment based experience. Chosen visual artist will be provided with a budget for materials. More about Altar...
Gallery Submission Guidelines
TFor instructions on how to submit your work to the gallery at MoHA, go to the Calls for Artist page.
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