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ARTIST FREECYCLE - Glasstire's newest Classifieds category, come read how it works!

Welcome to the newest category in Glasstire Classifieds!

Artist Freecycle is our attempt at a local artist-centered Freecycle board. Freecycle is a green movement of sharing, giving, or trading resources, even scraps if someone will take them, rather than throwing things away to take up landfills.

Note that this is not meant as a venue for listing the sale of items, artworks, or anything else. Ads will be monitored, and will take a day or so to appear as they will be manually approved by an admin - same as the rest of Classifieds. (Please be patient, as I am only one woman and have 3 jobs.)

ALL ADS DELETE AUTOMATICALLY AFTER 90 DAYS! If you get rid of the item or no longer need something you posted a Want for, I highly suggest you delete your ad right away else folks will probably keep emailing you until the ad disappears on its own.

Suggestions for Subject Tagging for easy Freecycling:

Wanted/Need = You're posting an ad for something you are trying to find for free or for trade. It's best to mention things you offer in trade in the ad. Ex: "Wanted - scrap fabric - Conroe"

Offered = You're giving away something, Ex: "Offered - old fence posts - Lubbock" Again, do not sell here, that is not what this is for. Let's work with the spirit of Freecycle!

See what I did there with the location? It would be a good idea to include your location in your ad as you don't want to be posting from Dallas and get responses from El Paso. (Or maybe you do, any excuse for a road trip, am I right?)

So the best looking subjects will read something like this "Wanted: All Your Popsicle sticks! Houston!" Then you can give all the details in the body of the ad.

Remember your internet safety tips if you're going to drop off or pick up in person! Meet in the daytime, at a public location. Use your instincts, bring a friend with you. Please be safe and happy Freecycling!

Potential Problems FAQ:

"The form says I have to post a website, but I don't have one!!" That's fine, just link back to . That works for both of us. Or feel free to link your artist website (why not, free publicity!) Please don't link to anything NSFW. Your listing will be edited if need be...

"Can people see my email?" Not until you reply to their response, but they won't be able to view it on our site.

"It's claiming spam!! I need an admin!!" I know, it's a bit vexing but its protocols that sometimes trigger based on how you do your ad. Make sure you aren't repeating any symbols, including dots, underscores, slashes, asterisks, etc. This is part of our system to keeps the classifieds from being full of junk ads for knockoff purses and Viagra. We do it because we love you. Same goes for the admin approving all ads. If it really refuses to let you post, please email me with your ad content and I'll list it for you. I can probably find the triggers more quickly, as I'm used to this.

"I didn't get a confirmation but the website said my ad was approved." I'm terribly sorry, that is a glitch we are aware of but are trying to fix. We don't know what causes it, but please email me the info needed for your ad to be placed and I will do it for you, it's always worked for me.

"Who are you?" I'm Allison Currie, and I've been managing the Classifieds here since spring 2012. You can reach me with any questions or concerns at! Nice to meet you. :)
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