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Love Letters from the Trap

Love Letters from the Trap is currently accepting/calling for stories on findings, discoveries, realizations, and the moment you understood that someone close to you was a dealer or user of drugs, or stories regarding how you came to understand what drugs were. Drugs is not limited to weed, and the trap is not limited to being a negative space. Please submit to:
Personally feeling like a products of the trap, we realized that we were tired of feeling afraid about what people would think if we told them. This feeling of tiredness caused by fear slowly transformed into empowerment. There are so many stories of “overcoming” this kind of upbringing, and not enough stories embracing it-and certainly not enough spaces in which it is ok to talk about it. Lo and behold, Love Letters from the Trap.
Your email, name, and all other private information that indicates who you are will be kept confidential unless you request otherwise. Questions, topics that should be discussed, hate/shade, love/praise, can all be directed to or .
First round of submissions will be up on February 15th, 2014.
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