Artists Anonymous

What emerges from the uncensored, anonymous collective conscious? It’s a whole lot of love, sex, violence, monsters, animals, and fantastical, childlike absurdity.
Artists Anonymous drawing night with Russell Etchen, 2014. The Contemporary Austin- Jones Center, Austin. Photographs by Brian Fitzsimmons.

Machine Vision

This upcoming Austin screening dives inside the mechanisms of the moving image with rarely-seen film/video works by Hollis Frampton, Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, and Steina Vasulka.
Shutter Interface by Paul Sharits, 16mm dual projection, 1975.

CORE Fellows 2014

Cohesion isn't the main issue here; it's that not one of those voices is distinct enough to give the show form. I found myself checking and re-checking labels to try to understand who was who.
CORE Fellows 2014