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Wrangle: John T. Biggers at TSU

Credit Sequence -Gray day, I’m on 59, heading down to TSU.  At freeway speed, the weather renders most of the adjacent buildings invisible, only the […]

Wrangle: John T. Biggers at TSU

O.P.P. “In Appropriation” at HCP

  Yikes! That’s it? I can’t believe that In Appropriation at HCP is closing already. I’ve been thinking about the show quite a bit. And […]

Melinda Gibson, The Photograph as Contemporary Art

Dragons; beauty at the MFAH

Can I admit that I get a major kick out of this image? That I am thankful for it? Can I say this without losing […]

Western Hunter

No room for Vader; Mel Chin’s Funk and Wag

Two months ago, The Station Museum’s Artifactual Realities closed. Unfortunately, I first visited the exhibition a couple weeks before the end and only had a […]

No room for Vader; Mel Chin’s Funk and Wag

The Big Sleep

Lawndale, I ain’t mad at ya.  I love the opportunity that is your residency program, your open submission process is truly open and makes possible […]

The Big Sleep

Lebowskis: Talking to Ed Hardy

“You talking to who?” They heard me fine, yet each time I told a friend that I was calling Ed Hardy for a quick interview, […]

North Shore Green-detail

Make it Houston: notes on street art

Tumbleweeds We don’t have New York’s density, or Chicago’s architecture, or Los Angeles’ mythologized spaces. We don’t have San Francisco’s prices, Aspen’s lack of oxygen, […]

This is a thing

Perestroika at the Fotofest Biennial

     Let’s talk Deadwood. David Milch’s superlative television show was quite good at putting his audience just outside of a given situation.  The characters […]

Perestroika at the Fotofest Biennial
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