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Summer Reading?

Sitting idle during summer vacation isn’t so bad, especially when Michigan heat is worse than in Texas. And, in a house without AC, the best […]

One woman's approach to summer reading.

Wood Works

  Cloaked in blue tarps, the wood piles behind our house shrink daily as we burn the stuff to stay warm. There is one—our shelter-magazine […]

A snowy pile of wood, not quite ready for primetime.

Birding as Art? For Sanity’s Sake: Yes

Lynn Barber lives in Rapid City, South Dakota. She has degrees in microbiology and law, and intermittently works as a patent attorney. She enjoys playing […]

Lynn took this photography on August 22, 2007--of a rufous hummingbird that annually returned to her yard for at about six years.

The year of Ken Price?

My first and likely only prediction for visual art in 2013: thanks to the retrospective that was organized by and debuted at the Los Angeles […]

My favorite work from the book: 'The Pinkest and the Heaviest' (1986) in two parts. Fired and painted clay from the collection of Betty Lee and Aaron Stern.

Dave, Dave, Dave

Dave Hickey recently announced his retirement from art criticism, citing his disgust with the circus that the art world—particularly the world of contemporary art—has become. He […]

It's Dave.

More Magritte

  Forget iPhone 5. Instead of buying the latest Apple gadget, I’ve added Magritte VI to my credit card bill. Nothing Apple sells stirs my covetousness […]

Detail from Adelaide de Menil's 1965 portrait of Magritte at a rodeo in Simonton, Texas.

As goes Avedon, so goes Parr?

Martin Parr’s newish book, Up and Down Peachtree, represents the South’s shiny capital with a mix of mean-spiritedness and generosity that recalls Richard Avedon’s long-ago […]

A picture of food from Martin Parr's book, Up and Down Peachtree

Francesca Woodman

I was a late-comer to Francesca Woodman‘s pictures but liked them right away. That was around 2003, and Woodman’s surrealism provided me with a lyrical counterpart to […]

Francesca Woodman

London Bits

    This is an epic year for England. Well, for the UK, but mostly England. The Diamond Jubilee. The Olympics. The Tories sinking ever deeper […]

London Bits

Detroit: 138 Square Miles

  Ever discover what you want to write about something, after reading what someone else wrote about something else? Happens to me all the time—most […]

An image from Julia Reyes Taubman's book, 'Detroit: 138 Square Miles'

Recycling an art practice

    A few years ago, when I made large sculpture out of Lego pieces, I typically dismantled works after they were shown so that I could […]

Drying out incoming firewood.

Creative Misery

      Re-booting my brain after being challenged–Challenged!–on my Feeding the Beast blog.   So I’ve found a couple sources of useful ideas. One is a facebook post by Ken […]

Barbie-with-Windows: making the creative digital world more inviting to girls

Apples and Oranges

Looking at two new books that recently landed in my lap, I’m reminded of Dave Hickey’s description of the therapeutic institution. That would be the […]

Detail of Fred Wilson intervention at the Museum of Modern Art

Reading through Surrealism

Material girl that I am, I love books. Holding them, smelling them, turning their pages, penciling notes in their margins. Finishing one and closing it […]

Rene Magritte
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