Author: Colette Copeland


Jill Magid Speaks at Richland College

  I first met Jill Magid in the Fall of 2006 when we team taught an interdisciplinary studio course for visual studies majors at the […]

video surveillance still from (Evidence Locker, 2004)

CAA Part I: Conference Highlights

My grumble with College Art Association conferences is that historically the programming primarily targets art historians. Last year’s New York conference was a notable exception […]

Mary Kelly, "Post-Partum Document 1973-79 Documentation I Analyzed fecal stains and feeding"

350 Words: “Glenn Ligon: America”

I have followed Glenn Ligon’s work over the past twenty years. He’s not known for his subtlety. In fact, he deliberately provokes his viewers. Given […]

Glenn Ligon, "Malcolm X (Version 1) #1," 2000, Vinyl-based paint, silkscreen ink, and gesso on canvas, 96 x 72 in. (243.8 x 182.9 cm) Collection of Michael and Lise Evans

“Words” at Brand 10 Art Space

Video exhibitions tend to be hit or miss. As someone who makes, curates and writes about video, I have seen my share of mediocre video […]

Mary Reid Kelley, You make me illiad -

350 Words: Mark Bradford at the DMA

Every writer has her biases and I’m no exception. If someone were to ask me if Abstract Expressionism were my favorite art genre, I would […]

Scorched Earth, 2006 Mark Bradford, American Billboard paper, photomechanical reproductions, acrylic gel medium, carbon paper, acrylic paint, bleach, and additional mixed media on canvas 94-1/2 x 118 inches Collection of Dennis and Debra Scholl © Mark Bradford

350 Words: “Seriality” at UTD

Seriality, curated by John Pomara, presents the work of ten primarily North Texas artists who embrace seriality through form, process and content. A few of […]

Patrick Murphy, Untitled, Polaroid

Dallas Video Festival

Upon arriving at the Angelika Theater on Thursday evening for the Dallas Video Festival, I immediately noticed that I was a tad underdressed in my […]

Guerrilla Girls, Photograph of Guerrilla Girls in bathroom with sign, "The Birth of Feminism". Courtesy of the Guerrilla Girls