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Another Reason to Visit Marfa: A Futuristic Stonehenge

Solar panels power the installation’s light and sound features. Photo by Rowdy Dugan via CultureMap Austin

Stone Circle, commissioned by Ballroom Marfa, debuted during the April 29 full moon and will remain for at least five years, reports CultureMap Austin. Located near the Marfa Municipal Golf Course, it is open during normal business hours of Ballroom Marfa as well as full moon evenings.

Stone Circle features eight black marble stones in a circle equipped with speakers and LED lights. The huge solar-paneled ninth stone sits outside the circle and emits a sound and light extravaganza during each full moon. “The installation blurs the line between ancient mysticism and contemporary technology, and it’s extraordinary that the solar power harnessed from the sun is stored until it’s activated by the moon,” Bret Biggart, CEO of Freedom Solar, told CultureMap.

Ballroom Marfa says it’s collaborating with British artist Haroon Mirza, the creator of Stone Circle, to produce a series of dance, music, and performance events.

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