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You Can Now Use Emojis Designed by Laura Owens

Emojis by Laura Owens

Emojis by Laura Owens

It seems like every few months Apple — and other third parties — are coming out with new and updated emojis. Now, thanks to the Whitney Museum of American Art, you can get the most “artisanal” emoji pack yet: the museum has releasedEmojis by Laura Owens,” a sticker pack featuring images of fifty ceramic facial icons created by the artist. Sculpted in 2015, the original works were included in Owens’ 2016 show at Sadie Coles and each measure in at about the size of a ping-pong ball. (Note: your iOS needs to be up-to-date to download and use the emoji pack.)

If you’re not satisfied with seeing Owens’ works in your text messages, never fear: her mid-career retrospective organized by the Whitney is traveling to the Dallas Museum of Art and will be on view from March 25 to July 29, 2018. The show includes paintings and other works by Owens, many of which deal with new technologies and the blending of the handmade with technologically created processes.

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