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Artists: French & Michigan Can Publish Your Artist Book

French & Michigan, the hybrid gallery, project space and workshop in San Antonio, has opened applications for its newly expanded publication program. Artists who would like the opportunity to have a book on their work produced can apply through French & Michigan Projects, its non-profit branch. Given the cost of publishing a high-quality artist book, this is a seductive offer.

F&M has some experience in this area. Via the space:

“Before F&M Projects, French & Michigan Gallery produced publications in conjunction with solo exhibitions for represented artists. Now, under the efforts of this newly developed program, F&M Projects can open this opportunity to more artists. F&M Projects’ publication program provides artists with the opportunity to have a book produced on their work—serving as a resource to artists who need to extend the conversation of their art to the public through scholarship, and creating a tangible record and educational tool that surpasses the temporary exhibition.”

Any artist (not just San Antonio artists) can apply. Note: “Project can be one artwork or installation, a series, several series or years’ worth of work.”

F&M is accepting applications for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 release, and the deadline is February 12, 2018. For more on this and the application form, please go here.



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