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If You Like Glasstire, Go to this Talk

Art and the Comment Wars: 2005-2018

Art and the Comment Wars: 2005-2018Although the Art F City website has slowed its postings, the NYC-centric blog has been writing about the joys and stupid goofiness of the art world for years. The site’s outlook is similar to Glasstire with a little bit more cussing. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is hosting Art F City’s founding editor and art critic, Paddy Johnson, for a talk entitled “Art and the Comment Wars: 2005-2018” this Thursday evening, November 9, starting at 7pm.

Johnson recently started a podcast with artist William Powhida called “Explain Me,” which is set to be released Mondays of the first and third week each month. The inaugural episode is called “The Broken Toilet,” which will probably set the standard for future podcast topics. Powhida describes the podcast: “We’re dedicating our biweekly discussions to art, politics, money, and the moral responsibilities of artists (and the ethics of the art world).”

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