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Weird Homes, Weird Artists, Weird Collectors

The Weird Homes Art Tour was founded in Austin in 2014 and expanded to Houston last year. The 2nd Annual Weird Homes Tour Houston takes place this Saturday, October 7, 2017 10am-6pm. Nine unique homes of artists and art collectors will be open to folks who want to take the the self-paced, self-driving tour across the city. For a few extra bucks, tour goers have access to a tenth house and the VIP party afterwards.

Make up your own mind about who is weirder—artists or art collectors?

Participating homes of:
Artists: Sharon Kopriva, Anne Reese Hernandez, Bonnie Blue, Rebecca Lowe, Alix Dunn, Selia Qynn, Kelly Gayle Amen; Collectors: Lester Marks, Dirk and Susan Stronck, Sue Shefman

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