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GIFs of the Day by Home Depot

Home Depot GIF trimmer

The Home Depot online gardening section has gotten a lot more tranquil. There are two spectacular GIFs on the main page for the “Outdoor Power Equipment” and “Lawn Care” sections that take on a similar quality as the moving waterfall pictures. One depicts a lawn trimmer spewing cut grass as we imagine it gliding down the paved walkway. The other shows two hands holding soil or fertilizer above a green turf-builder spreader bucket. Everything is stationary except for the grass and the fertilizer falling gently in a hypnotizing endless loop.

Home Depot GIF fertilizer

They seem too deliberate to be accidentally so nice. Although the lawn trimmer GIF is composed of only 7 images, the cascading seeds GIF consists of 31 images.

It is unclear if this is a new trend — so far these were the only GIFs I found on the Home Depot site — but I like it.

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