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Fall in Love with These Photographs of Goats & Pigs

American photographer Kevin Horan has taken what may be the most mysteriously beautiful photographs of pigs and goats we’ve ever seen. In a recent article on The Guardian, he spoke about his project:

‘This is a work about portraiture,’ says Kevin Horan, who is based in Langley, Washington. ‘What it does and how it works. I’ve made portraits of people for years and the chemistry of it is still mysterious. I tell my subjects that a good portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject. But how do you collaborate with a goat? A goat you’ve just met?’

‘My best source for subjects is New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary in Arlington, Washington. They have collaborated with me for a number of years. I found some of the iconic faces there’

‘They seem to have a personality. Perhaps they do – and the photograph lets us see it. Or perhaps the language of the photo creates the impression of a personality’

You be the judge. Here are some of the photographs:

Goat photo

Goat photo

Goat photo

Goat photo

Goat photo

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  1. Thanks for including Kevin Horan in your newsletter. I wonder how he caught your attention since he lives in Washington State? He is represented by PDNB Gallery in Dallas. Nice that you discovered him! Nice surprise! Happy Friday!

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