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Contemporary Art Museum Plainview Trying to Get Ready to Open

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A couple of months ago, Glasstire reported on the ambitious project of opening the Contemporary Art Museum Plainview (CAMP) in a small town of 22,000. It is scheduled to open on November 10, but it looks like they’ve run into some issues. The main unforeseen cost turns out to be making the building wheelchair accessible, so CAMP has started a Kickstarter campaign. (As of this morning, it has raised under $200 of its $15,000 goal.)

CAMP already has its first exhibition planned. BIG ART in small town will feature artists Daniel Anguilu, Sherry Owens, Kelly Moran, Katy Anderson, Sharon Kopriva, Dandee Warhol, Emily Peacock, Emily Sloan, Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, Patrick Medrano, Joe Barrington, Steven Kraig + Patrick Renner and Benito Huerta.

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  1. We are now halfway through our campaign and we have raised over $8000 and we are 54% funded. I feel confident that we will reach our goal.. THANKS for the shout out. We appreciate everything Glasstire does for the arts in the region.

  2. Kelly Alison

    Just went over 11K with 12 days to go. over 75% funded. I’m starting to feel pretty good about it but still biting my nails.. Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING kind of thing and you cannot give to your own campaign. Right now I’m just hoping I still have a few friends left when it’s over. The 15K will be a base of support until the end of 2018. By then I will have lived here long enough to get something sustaining going. Best thing ever is that support is coming in from all over the “Panhandle” haha.. tell the people from Plainview they are not technically in the Panhandle..but you are right. Swisher County is actually the far south and we are right below them. Thanks again. You guys are the best.

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