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Adventures at the Kunst Bar

Artifex.ru, a Russian art advocacy group, released this silly but fun little video on social media earlier this year. It’s actually a nine-year-old animation by a group called Whitehouse Animation Inc. whose website has gone dark, and the Petrie Lounge, an animation group out of Toronto. It has the distinctive feel of the simple DIY animations popping up around that time, and in it, a hapless patron visits a bar and gets a brief and unlikely tour though art history via his drink choices.

It’s hard not to like, and hard not to like what the artifex.ru stands for (via translation), given the erosion of human rights in Russia right now: “We support any beauty and consider the right of self-expression to be one of the most important human rights. We want to inspire you and encourage you to creativity. We want to help everyone who wants to understand the vast world of art.”



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