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Getting to Know Dixie Friend Gay

Dixie Friend Gay has become somewhat of a rock star in the field of mosaic public art. Her lush paintings that draw inspiration from the wild southern native landscape have led her to create large mosaic murals and sculptures for the public realm all over the U.S. This video documents her most recent installation Books of a Feather, which consists of three 15-foot tall mosaic birds in front of the Alice M. Young Library in Houston.

The podcast is an extended version of our interview, where the artist talks about how to balance being a mother and an artist, advice on how to get involved in public art, and how her first public intervention was taking political action against a series of gates seperating affluent and minority neighborhoods in Houston.


“The easy part for me is being in the studio. The hard part is stopping and eating… or going to the grocery store.”

also by Ariane Roesch
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