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It’s complicated growing up in Marfa

KRTS Youth Media Project

10 students at Marfa ISD with help from Sally Beauvais, Zoe Kurland, and Marfa Public Radio put together a wonderful 30 minute podcast for the KRTS Youth Media Project about teenage life in Marfa, TX. It begins with a snapshot of Marfa ISD by interviewing various groups having lunch in the school cafeteria. It continues to discuss tourism, housing (Buck Johnston from Wrong Store weighs in on the Marfa’s growing airbnb rentals), and the reaction The XX’s video for “On Hold”.

Learn more about life in Marfa from the source – check out their soundcloud for intriguing episodes like “West Texas Talk: Students Talk Pipelines, Deportation, Bull Riding and More” and “Feature: Hip Hop in West Texas“.



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