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Dogumenta: An Art Show for Canines


Have you ever traveled to dOCUMENTA and thought that there simply wasn’t enough dog-accessible art? Cue dOGUMENTA, an art show engineered specifically for our canine companions. Earlier this month, W Magazine announced that the inaugural doggy art show will take place from August 11 to 13 in New York.

From dOGUMENTA’s website:

The untapped audience is massive: Canines live in a staggering 47% of American homes — that’s 80 million pups hungry for culture. dOGUMENTA offers an unprecedented opportunity for the creative community to engage with a new breed of art lover and to consider its concerns, interests and worldview. Our pups give us so much. Isn’t it time we gave back?

dOGUMENTA will present new art created specifically for 4-legged friends in a free public art event unleashed in NYC August 2017. Humans welcome. dOGUMENTA came about when Rocky’s companion realized how much he could teach her about looking at art. For some time Jessica felt overwhelmed by the many art fairs and biennials, the countless gallery exhibitions and the endless stream of images cascading down her Instagram feed. Even as her fatigue mounted, she noticed that Rocky relished each gallery outing, finding joy in even the whitest of white cubes. What was his secret?

To learn more, go here.

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