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This Bust of Cristiano Ronaldo is Frightening

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man known for two things: his talent, and his good looks. A star player for the Spanish soccer team Real Madrid, Ronaldo, who was born in Portugal’s Madeira Islands, was recently honored in the region: the islands renamed their “Madeira Airport” to “Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.” Along with this renaming came a bust of the soccer superstar that would greet travelers in the airport. The bust, however, somewhat missed the mark, if the mark was capturing Ronaldo’s dashing good looks.

The Associated Press broke down the discrepancies between the footballer and the bust:

The bronze bust squashes the player’s eyes close together, and the cheeky raised-eyebrow smile more resembles a leer. The face is also unusually chubby, in contrast to Ronaldo’s chiseled looks.

And, of course, the statue went viral on social media:

Top 5 videos

Top 5 videos

For more on the statue, go here.

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