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Eric Pearce Uneasy Houston

Tobias showing off his @emaileelink designed postcard 010

If you would like to receive more than just bills and credit card offers in the mail, sign up for Uneasy Houston. Eric Pearce, a long-time fixture in Houston’s printmaking community, has started a very cool screen-printed postcard project. He was one of the 2017 IDEA Fund recipients and describes the project as being “about getting artworks to people the uneasy way, hand screen-printed, addressed and stamped and sent as postcards via the U.S. Mail.” In addition to printing his own designs, he also invites other artists to participate. Check out the instagram page for more information.

At just $10 for a yearly subscription, which includes 6 postcards, it’s really easy to say YES to Uneasy. Email Eric directly to sign up.

also by Ariane Roesch
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