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Houston Gallerist Lloyd Gite is Bringing Cuban Art to Texas

Lloyd Gites

Lloyd Gite stands in front of paintings by Cuban artists Daussatt, left, and Dominguez. Photo: Florian Martin | Houston Public Media

Back in 2015, in an ongoing attempt to normalize relations between the US and Cuba, the Obama administration allowed airlines to restore commercial flights between the two countries. Although traveling for tourism is currently prohibited, visiting Cuba is permissible for specific reasons, including family visits, humanitarian projects and journalistic activities.

In the past year, since flights have been restored, Houston gallerist Lloyd Gite has been traveling back and forth from the US to Cuba for ‘educational activities’ and has been bringing back artworks created by Cuban artists. Since there is still an embargo between the two countries, Gite has to bring works into the US on his person—he is unable to ship them. He’s brought them to his Third Ward-based art space The Gite Gallery.

The gallery is located in a 1943 brick-house building and feels more like an ornamentally decorated home than a gallery. Besides Cuban art, Gite also carries traditional and contemporary African art.

In a recent interview, Gite told Houston Public Media that he is worried President Donald Trump will restore travel restrictions to Cuba:

“We’re the ones who are not exposed to the culture, the fashion, the art, the wonderful food.”

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