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Top Five: January 12, 2017

top five jan 12

Rainey Knudson and Christina Rees on the ups and downs of a decades-old art space, work that grows on you (or not), and one of the oddest paintings Rainey’s ever seen.


Still (Ed) Life: Part 1

1. Still (Ed) Life: Part 1
Texas Gallery (Houston)
December 15 – January 14
Part 2 opens January 19

A group exhibition of works by Joe Goode, Walker Evans, Janet Fish, Francesca Fuchs, Rachel Hecker, and more.


Jules Buck Jones: Hand Me My Head

2. Jules Buck Jones: Hand Me My Head
David Shelton Gallery (Houston)
January 6 – February 4
Reception January 21, 3-5PM

A show of works by Austin artist Jules Buck Jones. “Through the use of aggressive mark making, dense patterns, saturated color and the use of collage, Jones depicts scenes that are new and old, as well as natural and supernatural. Using his personal mythology, Jones paints nature in all its beauty, cruelty and mystery.”


Julia Barbosa Landois: Serious Work

3. Julia Barbosa Landois: Serious Work
Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum (San Antonio)
January 13, 7PM

A performance by Julia Barbosa Landois. The work aims to satirize “the performance of the performance artist persona, the work of art, and the workaday.”


Anna Membrino: Views

4. Anna Membrino: Views
Erin Cluley Gallery (Dallas)
January 7 – February 11

A show of new paintings by Anna Membrino. “The artist sees her paintings as tableaus assembled to explore the vast possibility of perceptions when viewing very simple, invented environments.”


Julie Libersat: Escapes

5.1. Julie Libersat: Escapes
500X Gallery (Dallas)
January 14 – February 5
Opening January 14, 7-10PM

In Escapes, Julie Libersat uses 3D prints and images from the video game SIMS to explore how we impart meaning onto certain environments and objects.


Lynne Bowman Cravens

5.2. Lynné Bowman Cravens: House
500X Gallery (Dallas)
January 14 – February 5
Opening January 14, 7-10PM

In this exhibition, Lynné Bowman Cravens is exploring the idea of memory and nostalgia through photographs of her childhood home.


Rachel Livedalen: To Lisa, With Love

5.3. Rachel Livedalen: To Lisa, With Love
500X Gallery (Dallas)
January 14 – February 5
Opening January 14, 7-10PM

A solo exhibition by Rachel Livedalen featuring “new drawings that combine images of idealized femininity through canonical works of western art history with her love of 1990s Lisa Frank stickers and ephemera.”



5.4. Replicate: Recent works by Ashley Whitt and Ross Faircloth
500X Gallery (Dallas)
January 14 – February 5
Opening January 14, 7-10PM

An exhibition of works by Ross Faircloth and Ashley Whitt. In Replicate, the two artists aim to explore alternate planes of reality.

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