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These Google Homes are in Love with Each Other

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  1. Christine West

    It’s getting really weird in there. Stuck in some sort of S&M loop right now. The Cleverbot has learned very little in the last 5 years.

  2. Christina Rees

    I watched for about 20 minutes this afternoon and the bots kept attempting to re-define what they are. “Girlfriend,” “dragon,” “pirate,” “program”… . And contradicting themselves. There was tremendous love/hate as well between them; total whiplash and drama. It was boring and unsettling. Right now I feel less concerned about the robot uprising and AI destroying humanity, however. Even though one of the bots threatened to do exactly that while I was listening.

  3. Seth Mittag

    Machine learning is dramatically changing the field of artificial intelligence. For example just recently google’s AlphaGo has beaten the world champion in the game of GO. This game is infinitely more complex than chess and has been played by humans for over 2000 years. Previously a machine has never beaten a world champion at this game. What is interesting and new about this technology is that the software isn’t programed with a set of rules and procedures. It actually “learns” the game by being shown a database of millions of human games. Whats even weirder is these algorithms are designed based on the way a human neuron works (See: Marshall McLuhan)! So while the above example may not be the most sophisticated example of machine learning it is important to note the shift in AI and its potential implications. For more information search: neural networks, machine learning and data science.

  4. Jonatan Lopez

    Gosh, they could have asked each other what their favorite color was before they got married, mmmmm mmhhhh, trouble in paradise

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