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Our 15th Anniversary Data Mining Project! Part III: Our Authors

This year we are celebrating Glasstire’s 15th anniversary! Launched by Rainey Knudson in 2001, today we are the oldest online-only art magazine in the country.

To mark the occasion, we asked professional data miner Diego Garcia-Olano to comb through our vast archive of 18,000 events and 10,000 articles (and counting), to find interesting patterns and relationships among the artists, writers, and venues of Texas. We are rolling out five different “interactive infographics” (i.e. maps and graphs you can click on to look at relationships between the data). These infographics will allow you to measure up our writers, discover how artists in Texas are connected, and find out what the demographic breakdown of the Texas visual art scene is. More about the project here.

Our third data mining project is list of all our authors since 2001. Click on an author to see their posts by year! You can also sort authors by last name, or by number of posts.



Part I: a map of Texas with events by city and year.

Part II: all the words we’ve ever used.

As always, thanks for reading.

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