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Nelly Furtado Taps Dallas Artists to Create New Music Video

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Earlier this week, Nelly Furtado released a new music video for her song Pipe Dreams off her upcoming album The Ride. Shot in Dallas, the video was directed by Jake Elliott and edited by Pierre Krause.

The shoot was simple: according to Elliott, the video was shot using a Sony Handycam he “stole from [his] mom’s closet.” After a couple hours of takes and a payment of $300, production for the video was finished. Elliott chose Krause to be the editor of the video after seeing one of their zines on a friend’s bookshelf. He was impressed by Krause’s ability to create emotion through their arrangement of text and images.

Furtado first became aware of Elliott after she saw a pop-up exhibition of his work at last year’s Art Basel Miami. This visit to Miami’s art fair mecca seems to be a yearly occurance for Furtado—she was spotted buying work at this year’s Satellite Art Show.

Krause told Glasstire that they will continue to collaborate with Elliott on future music and videos under the name “Dabber.” Go here to see one of those projects.

Watch the video below. For more on Elliott and Krause’s creation of the video, please go here.

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