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It’s Hot! Time for Some Ice Cream Art!


Image via purewow.com

The Museum of Ice Cream opens today!

Unfortunately, the pop up museum (up through August 31) is not located in Texas, but in New York‘s Meatpacking District. NYC has not perfected the art of air conditioning to the same degree as Texas has, so maybe they need it even more.

It includes a chocolate room, a scooper-shaped seesaw, an ice cream sandwich swing and a pool of rainbow ice cream sprinkles that’s large enough to swim in (but don’t—that’s gross).

Tickets are already sold out, but today is free to the public, and there are rumors that extra tickets may be released on the museum’s Instagram account.

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  1. Rusty Cate

    Hell, we have ice cream exhibits in TEXAS…they are in every HEB and corner-store freezer case. The big names like Blue Bell bring the people in droves. No seesaw can deepen my appreciation for frozen cream and sugar. Even my toddler experienced transcendence the other day when she couldn’t eat her’s fast enough and she got a chocolate mustache and sticky fingers. I imagine every backyard in Texas will have a similar exhibition this very week.

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