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A Hand Opera by Jizzy Lizzy

Jizzy Lizzy
Jizzy Lizzy

photo by: myles pettengill

During my recent trip to Los Angeles, I was able to see the dazzling Jizzy Lizzy‘s (aka Liz Toonkel) new work-in-progress performance at PAM, a one to two-month performance residency program directed by Brian Getnick. I Desire To Win is an endearing “hand opera” performed from behind a curtain using just her hands and voice with multiple hand-made costume changes, “co-designed and fabricated by the fabulous Kate Fry“.

Jizzy Lizzy: I Desire to Win


Enjoy the following audio samples – “I’m so enlightened, I’m barely here.”

For more Jizzy Lizzy, check out the videos for her previous album Consensual Art.

also by Ariane Roesch
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