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How Do I Look? Selfies and Art


deniserromero: Recreating Robert Longo’s “White Riot” #TheBroad

Although selfies with artworks have been a thing on social media, the phenomenon hadn’t really hit me till my recent visit to The Broad Museum in Los Angeles. One super-sized artwork after the next became the perfect backdrop for taking a selfie.

In an effort to cultivate millennials, Museums are now looking to nurture their iconic selfie spots: “It’d be foolish for museums not to actively consider this. It plays such an essential role in terms of word of mouth.”

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston currently has its own iconic selfie spots set up inside of Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition At the end of the Universe. Judging by #kusamauniverse, many have already eternalized their experience and ensured a continuous barrage of visitors ready to snap their very own selfie.

But just like you can’t plan for fun at a party, “the best selfie spots seem to come about organically,” founding director Joanne Heyler of The Broad said. “We’ve recently seen pictures of people taking selfies outside the building and mimicking the ‘oculus’ — a place where the veil of our building indents into the museum.”

Apparently the pose is to make a fake dimple by pressing a finger into your cheek.


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