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Art History for Gamers: Be a Medici! Win Points!

Image: Detail of Macchietti's painting of Lorenzo (the Magnificent) de' Medici.

Image: Detail of Macchietti’s painting of Lorenzo (the Magnificent) de’ Medici.

If you are the type of art patron that asks, “How much does it cost?” and “What’s in it for me?,” this game is for you! (By the way, these are not bad questions, according to art history.)

Emerging out of the LIVE (Learning Interactive Visualization Experience) Lab at Texas A&M University in 2014, a couple of guys founded a game-based learning company called Triseum, and have changed the landscape of the emerging Game-Based Learning (GBL) industry. Triseum’s upcoming release of ARTé: Mecenas is the first game to be released from the ARTé suite, a collection of games with targeted learning outcomes supporting a traditional college-level Art History survey course. Designed to supplement course instruction, ARTé: Mecenas teaches the interconnectedness of local and international economies in Renaissance Italy, and how those economies influenced art and art patronage.

If you would like to learn how to influence future art history, become a Medici! Play the game! Below is a trailer for ARTé Mecenas:

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