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Party Pics: May 28 at BOX 13 ArtSpace

The shows: Paradise ElsewhereLaura Latimer: Dispersal
The venue: BOX 13 ArtSpace
The city: Houston
The date: May 28
Photographs by Lizette Belen Soto





Michael McFadden & Carrie Schneider

Michael McFadden & Carrie Schneider




Zak Seeker & Kelsey Hockmuller

Zak Seeker & Kelsey Hockmuller




Rob Davis, Pat Boddy, Kacey Davis

Pat Boddy, Rob Davis, Kacey Davis



Jan & Kevin Kolk

Jan & Kevin Kolk

also by Glasstire
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  1. Cheri Bates

    What the hell has happened to art? This is pathetic. Someone could accidentally drop a glove on the floor and these people would gawk at it, discussing the “artist’s brilliant use of the random juxtaposition of negative space.” Why does Glasstire even cover crap like this?

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