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King Tut’s Extraterrestrial Dagger

tut dagger

Recently, researchers have concluded that the blade of a dagger found buried with King Tut was made using iron from a meteorite:

Using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, Italian and Egyptian experts found that the blade’s composition of iron, nickel and cobalt was an approximate match for a meteorite that landed in northern Egypt. The result “strongly suggests an extraterrestrial origin” for the blade, according to their results published this week in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science. via NYT.

The dagger was found by archeologist Howard Carter in 1925, three years after he discovered King Tut’s tomb. The dagger was in the wrapping surrounding the right thigh of the boy king’s mummy.  It had a decorated gold handle with a pommel of rock crystal, and the iron blade was protected with a gold sheath decorated with a pattern of lilies on one side, feathers on the other, and a jackal’s head, the researchers reported. via CBC News.

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