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Love is for Everyone, Says Lubbock: Now Only $24!

LoveEveryoneRight around Valentine’s Day this year, Lubbock made national headlines when a banner with Arabic writing was hung from a city building. Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson was so alarmed at the sight that he sent the following letter to the city manager, as reported by the local NBC affiliate, KCBD:

Mr. Loomis,

It has been brought to my attention that an Arabic flag has been hung from one of the upper floors of the Omni building. I am requesting that the flag be removed immediately, that we get an accurate translation of the flag, and that Chief Stevens notify the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and our Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department. I am also requesting that we take whatever steps are necessary to secure the building and ensure that this does not happen again. I fully understand that we must gather more facts before we make a knee jerk reaction but I am concerned on several levels. Please keep me informed as we learn more about this situation.


Glen Robertson

Turns out that that the translation of the text was, “Love is for Everyone.” KCBD interviewed a Lubbock citizen from Syria who speaks Arabic. He said the phrase on the flag is common, especially around Valentine’s Day. A few days later, Lubbock police arrested 22-year-old Kyle Alexander Holub for criminal trespass.

Now, Holub is offering the image on a t-shirt through the Lubbock-based web site “Culture Clothing.” You, too, can be a loving terror threat.

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