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People Respond to Public Art: University of Houston Campus

Glasstire’s Brandon Zech and Ariane Roesch visit the U of H campus and ask students what they think of the university’s public art collection.


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2 Responses

  1. UH alum chica

    As naïve as some of these students sounds, at least they are not spouting off ridiculous garbage and thoughtless comments about public art, like some of the slobbish City Councilmembers in the Houston town.

  2. Vanessa Estrada

    I bet if you were to ask them about music, they could express themselves a lot better. Why? Because music is easily available for everyone. Art still is not. Art has become elitist. It should be a part of every child’s life starting in kindergarten through senior high. Students should be encouraged to visit free public art spaces as part of a curriculum at the schools and as part of an experience, gaining knowledge. Galleries should open up their doors more to young students and have educational days about current artists and local artists work. All they know is Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dali, etc. Same old, same old. Not one named a female artist. Sad. They need to know that whatever they feel or think about when looking at art is okay and they do not have to have studied art history to comment on a piece. I liked the student who described the one sculpture to Stairway to Heaven. One of the most important classes I took years ago at a local community college was Contemporary Art where we visited artist’s studios and galleries. I doubt they offer that anymore.

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