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Party Pics: February 4 at Rice Gallery, Houston

The show: Thorsten Brinkmann: The Great Cape Rinderhorn
The venue: Rice Gallery
The city: Houston
The date: February 4, 2016
Photographs by Lizette Belen Soto


Thorsten Brinkmann-2


Thorsten Brinkmann-5

Joshua Fischer, Thorsten Brinkmann


Thorsten Brinkmann


Thorsten Brinkmann-34

Carlos Garcia (left)


Thorsten Brinkmann-39


Thorsten Brinkmann-15


Thorsten Brinkmann-17


Thorsten Brinkmann-18


Thorsten Brinkmann-26


Thorsten Brinkmann-11


Thorsten Brinkmann-4

Jereann Chaney, Sonja Roesch, Francoise Djerejian, Heidi Gerger

also by Glasstire
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