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Christina Rees and Brandon Zech on creepy holes, 24-hour marathons, and aggressive girly seduction.


charles atlas performance

1. Charles Atlas in Performance
The Paramount Theatre (Austin)
January 9, 8–10PM

A performance by Charles Atlas featuring “video technology, live music feed, and other elements to create an immersive, thought-provoking experience.”


culture hole dfw

2. Lana Paninchul: Deutsche Liebeslieder
Culture Hole (Dallas)
January 8, 10PM–12AM

It is a hole. Filled with culture. Organized by Jeff Gibbons and Gregory Ruppe.


proceed to nearest exit

3. Barry Elkanick: Proceed to the Nearest Exit
Flex Space (Houston)
January 9 – February 7
Opens January 9, 8–11PM
Artist talk January 10, 11AM

An exhibition centered around the question: “if you proposed to construct a solo-exhibition without physical or financial limitations, what form would that exhibition take?” This show is curated by Max Fields and SUPLEX.


chalet dallas nasher

4. 24 Hour Book Swap at Chalet Dallas
Nasher Sculpture Center (Dallas)
January 8, 11AM – January 9, 11AM

A book swap and tag-team readings by numerous artists, writers, and curators, including Piero Golia, Heyd Fontenot, Darryl Ratcliff, Margaret Meehan, Art Pena, Michael Corris, and many, many more. There will also be a marathon reading of The Illogic of Kassel. Co-sponsored by the Nasher Sculpture Center and The Reading Room. See a full reading schedule here.


tight sticks melinda

5. Melinda Laszczynski: Lady PalaceMelinda Laszczynski: Tight Sticks
GalleryHOMELAND & HOMEcore
January 9 – February 14
Opening at HOMEcore January 9, 6–9PM

Two exhibitions of works by Houston-based artist Melinda Laszczynski. Through the use of figural imagery, faux jewels, and abstraction, the artist creates paintings that highlight the contradictory qualities of common objects. Additionally, her sculptures combine “feminism, repulsion, and aggressive girly seduction.”

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        1. Dan

          Christina, thank you for coming. I did my best to fulfill Lana’s vision as she had communicated it to me. My fear was that very few people would actually enter the Hole, but those fears were unfounded as up to eight people at a time crowded into the space with me. As the person performing, it was a very surreal experience. Would I do it again? Abso-freaking-lutely!

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