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Upcoming Musical Performance at McGee’s Hill in West Texas

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On September 19th, Nameless Sound and The Cornudas Mountain Foundation will present a special musical performance at The Hill of James Magee. The performers, Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda, will utilize “self-made instruments, analogue tape machines and radios, wood pieces, nails and hammer, buckets, marbles, glass jars and found objects, by responding to the architecture, acoustics and energy of specific performance sites.” Suzuki and Onda’s piece is not the first performance to occur at The Hill, but with the mystery surrounding the location, who knows if it will be the last.

The performance provides a unique opportunity to visit The Hill, which consists of four large stone and iron buildings that house installations created by Magee. Located 75 miles east of El Paso, The Hill is deep in the West Texas desert. Because of complications surrounding the work, a visit to the site would normally cost you $250. Luckily, however, tickets to this performance are a mere $75. Looks like it’s time to plan a trip to West Texas!

For more details on the September 19th performance, go here

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