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DiverseWorks Announces Lectures and Studio Visits

Xandra Eden. Go meet her!

Xandra Eden. Go meet her!

Houston’s DiverseWorks has announced its “Fall 2015 Diverse Discourse Lecture and Studio Visit Series.” On September 23, DiverseWorks’ new Executive Director and Chief Curator Xandra Eden will speak about her past curatorial projects and vision for DiverseWorks’ future programming. On October 14, Chris Sharp, Mexico City-based writer, critic, independent curator, and editor-at-large of Kaleidoscope magazine, will speak.

Hey Houston area artists waiting to be discovered while you slave away in your lonely studio: It doesn’t work that way! Get out and meet these curators. Find out what they’re thinking about. Introduce yourselves and let them know who you are. And, if you fill out the DiverseWorks application by September 18, one of them may come knocking at your door for a studio visit.

So, keep up the good work, but don’t forget to get out once in a while!

also by Paula Newton
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  1. I believe you were speaking to me. I just had a successful show at William Reaves Fine Art and even tho I am having knee replacement surgery on August 31st, I am going to work to hard to hear that “knock on the door”. When Toby Kamps visited earlier this year he stated: “You paint with your heart on your sleeve”.
    I am guilty of leaving my studio door closed and not “getting out much”. This is a great opportunity for all of us to spread our wings in Houston.

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