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Gallery Row Rebranded: Tomorrow it’s Art Afternoon on Upper Kirby!

chambersSaturday, Feb. 21 is Art Afternoon among the Upper Kirby Galleries. Formerly Houston’s principal “gallery row” on Colquitt St., the venerable culture nexus has rebranded and expanded to include nearby McClain Gallery, and is experimenting with Saturday afternoon receptions rife with food trucks and free parking in a bid to revivify itself in the face of an Houston gallery scene which includes competing clusters of venues at Isabella Court on Main St., and the 4411 Montrose building, which compete for crowds on prime opening evenings.

From 2-5 pm this afternoon, the galleries, including Moody, McClain, Hooks-Epstein, McMurtrey, Nicole Longnecker, and others are promising artist talks, and special events in conjunction with their shows, which include:

Lisa Ludwig: Nests at Betty Moody- bronze twigs, and plenty of ’em. This is harder to do than it looks.
Lindy Chambers at d.m. allison – you’ll remember Chamber’s colorful trailer-home scenes, like Cape Cod cottages, with alligators and pitbulls.
Katsumi Hayakawa: Paper Works at McClain, if it’s still on view. The show officially closed on Feb. 14th!
Colored glass sculptures and vessels by Toots Zynsky at Hooks-Epstein.
Photographs by Croatian artist Stanko Abadzic at Catherine Couturier Gallery.
Amy Lin / Cathie Kayser at Nicole Longnecker.
Sarah Williams’ paintings of rural America at McMurtrey (and don’t miss Hiyme Brummett: Semantic Color Space at white-hot Hello Project gallery inthe back room!)

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