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Watch Bill and Rainey wag the Chin in Houston, while Christina Rees reports on sheep butchering videos in Dallas and the mysterious, big-budget Gréaud spectacle. If spectacles make you tired, just read the list here:

chin tongue

1a. Mel Chin: Rematch
Blaffer Art Museum, Houston, January 17 – March 21
Opening: January 17, 12–2 pm

Part of the expansive, multi-venue survey of artist Mel Chin, the Blaffer presents 31 works, including documentation of numerous projects, selections from Chin’s Erased Currency (1997) and Drawn Currency (2006-08) series, and his collage installation The Funk and Wag from A to Z (2012) a surrealist arrangement of collage.

1b. Mel Chin: Rematch
Asia Society Texas Center, Houston
January 17 – April 19
Artist talk: January 17, 2–3 pm

Six works picked to show the artist’s connection to Asian culture, history, and aesthetics.

1c. Mel Chin: Rematch
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
January 17 – April 19
Opening: January 17, 4–6 pm

19 works made between the early 1970s and late 2000s, as well as his iconic animation 9/11-9/11 (2007) and the documentary S.O.S Straight Off the Streets (2004).

1d. Mel Chin: Rematch
Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston
January 17 – April 19, 2015
Opening and afterparty: January 17, 7–9 pm

Featuring a lion dance ceremony led by Shaolin disciple Shi Xing Hao, and female mariachi band, Mariachi Las Coronelas.



2. Gallup Motel Butchering
CentralTrak, Dallas
January 17- Feb 21
Opening: January 17, 8–10 pm

In a four-channel video installation by artists’ collective Postcommodity, a Navajo woman uses a motel room as a temporary space to butcher a sheep for a family feast.



3. Loris Gréaud: The Unplayed Notes Museum
Dallas Contemporary
January 18- March 21

French art star Loris Gréaud’s first US installation fill sall 26,000 s.f. of the Dallas Contemporary. Big budget, big ambitions.



4. Steven Tomlinson: Notebooks
Testsite, Austin
January 18 – February 15
Opening: January 18, 4–6 pm. Talk at 4:30pm
January 26, 6–8 pm Tomlinson leads a free workshop on visual note-taking.

Schematic drawings and notes from Tomlinson’s work in academics, business, and theatre. The presentation explores the visual mapping of ideas and processes.



5. Ed Wilson: A Survey
Art League Houston
January 16 – February 21, 2015
Opening: January 16, 2015 | 6–9 pm

An exhibition bringing together a wide selection of sculptural works spanning over twenty years of the embattled Houston artist’s career. Also opening: Mel Chin: Unauthorized Collaborations.

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  1. Dan Havel

    After reading preview of Gallop Motel Butchering, it reminded me of an event during my first year in Houston, 1991. My Mexican neighbors had a BBQ for their Grandfather’s 90th birthday. Couple of pickups show up with two live goats tied to sticks, and proceeded into the house. The goats were butchered in the bathtub. The BBQ was delicious. I think this happens in Houston more often than we know….

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