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Rebecca Bass first HISD Dedicated Art Cartist

bassHouston Independent School Distirct has finally hired a teacher just to build an art car with students. Longtime art car specialist Rebecca Bass is in residence at Reagan high school in Houston Heights this spring. As yet the program is informal- there’s no classroom, no grades as it is after school, but Bass, on facebook, is hopeful for the future: “if I can pull this off then the door will swing wide open for other art car artists and students to merge back behind the school by the trash dumpsters and make cool mobile stuff together all across the city.”

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  1. So excited to see that Reagan understands the importance of teaching collaborative art projects like this. When you empower people to create and work together, you prepare them for the future.

  2. I’m trying to get a hold of Rebecca to talk with her on the phone about the possibility of working together. Please ask her to contact me as soon as she can. Thanks,

    Steve Liggett, Artistic Director, Living Arts of Tulsa

  3. X-student

    Please explain the loss of vocational programs that our children may benefit from for the future; machine shop , welding course , etc.
    Great teachers such as ; Jack Reddinger, John Bristow.
    Art ??? Place and time for everything…..

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