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Austin Artist to Build Giant Lady Parts

vulvaThe interns over at the Huffington Post who dig through the Internet have discovered a Kickstarter campaign called “Texas Women.” A young Austin artist named Chloe (c’mon, let us know who you are!) wants to raise $600 to build a six-foot tall vulva. Chloe explains her protest against HB2, the recent anti-abortion bill that closed almost half of Texas’ clinics:

I am a girl with a dream. I want to help women. I want to change the world. I want to create a statue of lady parts. I am really excited about this project because I think that it can make a difference in the lives of women in Texas. I am ready to say “fuck you” to the rich, white, men in Texas who are limiting my rights to my own body and I am ready to make something hilarious.

As of this morning, she has raised over $1,200 with more than a month to go on the campaign. She has pledged that all extra money “will all go to starting a fund to help women in Texas.”

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