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Lucia Simek is the New Communications Manager at the Nasher


Simek during a KERA-hosted round-table discussion called “State of the Arts” at the DMA in 2013.

Lucia Simek, who has written for this site plenty and recently finished her MFA at TCU in sculpture, is crossing over the the dark side (joke!) as the Nasher Sculpture Center‘s new communications manager. Kristen Gibbins, who held the position for nine years, is leaving. 

Putting an artist and writer in a PR position isn’t a completely new concept for a museum, but it’s not the obvious one either. It seems Simek’s deep ties to Dallas and presence as a curator (The Art Foundation, which she co-founded, was a an artist-curator collective that was active up until about a year ago), artist, and arts writer on the local scene makes her well-positioned, however, to jump into Nasher’s already well-oiled publicity machine to see what she can do. We approve! (She didn’t ask, but we do anyway.)


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