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The World’s First Citywide Photoblog!

Who knew that Garland, Texas has “the world’s first citywide photoblog”? That’s what they claim on Garlandeyes.com. To post on the site, the images must be of Garland, by someone from Garland, or of someone from Garland and it looks like Garlandites take a lot of pictures. The site is divided into bunches of galleries like “Animals,” “Landscapes,” “Personalities,” and “History.” Some are the expected clichés that such an open forum would attract, but some are quite good. Now, they want to share Garland with the exhibition Garland Eyes at Garland’s Granville Arts Center, which starts tomorrow and runs through mid-October.

From the looks of their “Eyes” gallery, a large percentage of Garlandites seem to wear glasses. Maybe they spend a little too much time squinting through those viewfinders.


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