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Six Public Sculptures in Texas to See Before You Die

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  1. 34% MORE PAPER

    Omgggg roadtriiiippppp. Do you do tours ? Those buried cars are just sooo zany! I mean, they are like buried! Like carhenge! Zonkers!

  2. A request concerning the “Top Lists” be they events or public art etc. It would be nice to hear the reasoning behind the choices, not to dispute the recommendations but to give some objectivity to the choices made. For instance “We like the bubbly river thing because of it’s playfulness and serendipitous surprise.” or ” We like the big pink granite things because that their sheer mass, like a Richard Serra work, makes you feel small, like an ant playing on a giants picnic table.” Then I can get excited about what turns you guys on about the works as well as experiencing the works for myself. Just a suggestion.

  3. Terry Mahaffey

    Small correction Bill: Sam Houston is not from Texas. He was born in rural western Virginia and came to Texas (actually fled to Texas to escape a legal judgement) when he was nearly forty years old. Died in Huntsville.

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