The Masters of the Representational Art Universe to Converge on Midtown Houston Tonight!

By the power of the grayscale...I Have the Power!!!"

By the power of the grayscale…I have the Power!!!

Abstract painters and conceptual artists: beware! The Masters of Representational Art (yes, that’s the name of the group) have been meeting up once a month to eat pizza and strategize their takeover of the art universe. Or, as founder Elizabeth Cencini innocently explains to Your Houston News, “I feel there are already strong art circles within Houston in abstract, expressionism, conceptual art and performance art. However, as a representational artist who is traditionally trained, I find it hard to meet like-minded artists who want to continue the traditions of the old masters.”

It’s time to choose sides. Artists who wish to join forces with the Masters can meet them tonight at Piola Houston Italian Restaurant (3201 Louisiana Street) at 7:30pm.

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