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Trending: Austin Social Media Art

Sometime Glasstire contributor Seth Orion Schwaiger defined an emerging Austin wave in social media art in Friday’s Austin Chronicle. Schwaiger cites a spate of recent shows that exploit Twitter posts, smartphones, Facebook pages and the blogosphere as phenomena for critique, or tools for emerging artists.

Danielle Georgiou in #hashtag

Danielle Georgiou in #hashtag

Dallas artist Danielle Georgiou’s #hashtag at Women & Their Work through July 3 uses selfies to provide TMI, Blog/Reblog, Max Marshall and Paul Paper’s laissez-faire, mix ‘n’ match photo at Big Medium experimented with un-curating, and Wura-Natasha Ogunji’s use of smartphone footage in Your heart is clean at MASS Gallery are all taking Austin art, “beyond expected Twitter debates and art-show announcements.”

Tine Bek and Alexander Binder  paired in Blog/Reblog

Photos by Tine Bek and Alexander Binder paired in Blog/Reblog

He goes on to link these local efforts with the sometimes strange social media mutations emanating from celebrity art events like HowDoYouSayYamInAfrican?’s spectacular withdrawal from the Whitney Biennial and Kara Walker’s sugar sex sphinx in Brooklyn, Saying “Austin artists are addressing this new relationship well – better certainly than some institutions on the national stage.”






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