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Dallas Artists: You’re in the Show!

Willem van Haecht, 1628

Willem van Haecht, 1628

Dallas’ 500X Gallery is gearing up for its annual unjuried show, Hot and Sweaty 3: The Open Show, which will run June 14-June 21. It doesn’t seem like the $10 entrance fee would be enough to keep this from becoming unmanageable chaos, but the gallery keeps doing it “in the spirit of our mission statement.”

To clarify: “unjuried” means that any artist who drops off work between noon and 5 pm today or tomorrow is in the show. Sometime in the future, entrance fees are bound to increase, or size restrictions will decrease, or the gallery staff will go on strike against that pesky mission statement, so get in on it now!

Details and drop off forms are available on the gallery’s web site.

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