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Larry McMurtry to Show Manuscripts at DMA

Photo credit: Diana Ossana/ Simon & Schuster

Photo credit: Diana Ossana/ Simon & Schuster

Next week,¬†famed Texan author Larry McMurtry will saunter into Dallas to speak at the Dallas Museum of Art as part of Arts and Letters Live, where he will discuss his latest novel The Last Kind Words Saloon with Skip Hollandsworth, executive editor of Texas Monthly and fellow author Diana Ossana. Hollandsworth will moderate a conversation between the two as they discuss McMurtry’s work, his creative process, and his passion for book collecting. Ossana is a long-time collaborator with McMurtry, and co-wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for Brokeback Mountain with him.

If you haven’t snagged tickets to the conversation, you’re too late as they are all sold out. But, as a consolation prize, for one day only, May 7, the DMA will present the manuscripts of McMurtry’s novels, including Lonesome Dove and The Last Kind Words Saloon, as well as a page from the Brokeback Mountain shooting script. Two photographs from the DMA collection by Erwin E. Smith, a cowboy photographer form the 1900s, will also be on view, helping to illustrate the climate of McMurty’s books.


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